Wash, Rinse, Repeat – CON PASIÓN! [Eily Lopez]

Eily Lopez - No Excuses November

Here we are, another November. I’ve been both looking forward to NoExNo, and dreading it, for over a month. Looking forward to Allison and friends’ colorful emails and Facebook cheerleaders. Not looking forward to choosing a goal.

I’m not sure why I was stressed about it. I picked the same exact goal as I have the last three years – to become more confident at speaking Spanish (generic and un-measurable).

My ultimate goal is to have a conversation in Spanish with my husband’s grandparents over the holidays (more specific). My plan of attack is to practice Spanish with my husband 1 hour a day (realistic and measurable).

I did pretty well at following my practice schedule the last three years – practicing at least 4 days a week! I definitely see improvement after just 1 week. I am way better now than I was right out of school and after 5 years of Spanish classes. However, confidence and experience is something I still lack.

Even after deciding on my same ol’ goal, I feel pretty lame for not picking something new. I think my plan is solid, I’m fairly dedicated, and I always improve. So what’s the dealio-yo with my emo goal depression? I decided that it wasn’t my goal that needed to change, but my attitude.

“Same-o, lame-o,” said Ms. FullofExcuses

I shouldn’t be beating myself up about my goal being lame. You know why? That’s just an excuse! And this is NO Excuses November!

Resolution: My goal is only lame if I don’t do it.

“Is it true, that if you don’t use it, you lose it?” Yes, Little Timmy, yes it is.

“You know I don’t speak Spanish, Baxter!”

Whether ‘practice makes perfect’ or ‘practice makes better’ doesn’t matter – I haven’t done much practicing since last November! My goal is for improvement and confidence, and if I can only manage to commit myself one month out of the year, so be it! It’s one month closer to my goal.

Resolution: Practice is progress.


Sure, I could pick something else… but I know that this goal is doable. I know that I can accomplish this. I can set myself up for success and be a winner like Beyonce rather than Charlie Sheen.

Resolution: Just because it’s not new, doesn’t mean it’s a bad goal.

New Year, New You, New Reason

Is this goal still relevant? Is it still worthwhile? Yes!

While my goal hasn’t changed, I have. I have a new reason for getting my culata in gear. I’m not just doing this for me or for my husband’s family. (Tick tock! Tick tock!) It’s about that time where we throw caution to the wind and have children, on purpose, despite what everyone says about them. (Rebels!)

Just like every other mom, I want our chiquitos to be the smartest bilingual babies in their class, and I want to know what those pequeños demonios are saying to my in-laws.

Resolution: I have more conviction than last year to keep improving and keep working on my goal.

SO – if you’re like me, don’t let your decision (or indecision) to repeat a goal get you down – it’s just an excuse!  It’s only lame if you don’t accomplish it.

Spend some time thinking about why you did it in the first place, and find relevance for your goal now. Recommit yourself to success.

Eily LopezEily Lopez is a 29-year-old business analyst at a community college in San Diego, CA. She graduated from Cal Poly in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration. Her biggest accomplishments this year include checking ‘Europe trip’ and ‘Avalon Ball’ off her ‘Before Kids Bucket List’. She enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, listening to audio books and podcasts, making plans to stay in on Friday nights, traveling with her Latin Lover husband, and enjoying San Diego’s local wines and craft beer with friends. She hates paying for parking, reality television, and the misuse of ‘your’. Eily is looking forward to wearing last year’s boots at some point this fall or winter, when the weather finally cools down in San Diego (sometime around January).

3 thoughts on “Wash, Rinse, Repeat – CON PASIÓN! [Eily Lopez]

  1. Myri Valdez says:

    Hi Eily! Love your goal! One piece of advice I have for you is to also consider your partner’s time availability and levels of potential frustration. Being on the other end of helping someone with learn Spanish I can tell you that it can be extremely rewarding but also taxing on the teacher. So I’m wondering if 15-30 minutes a day, or having a tap-out option for either partner when they are mentally fried could help keep the goal attainable? Buena suerte!

    • allison b says:

      Great insight, Myri! I feel like the tap-out option would be really helpful! I’m having flashbacks of my dad trying to teach me how to drive, haha.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Devora Zauderer says:

    Great goal, Eily!! “I can set myself up for success and be a winner like Beyonce” – HELL YES! So often we set goals for ourselves that aren’t realistic or take everything about our lives into consideration, and this seems like a great setup for success. HAPPY NOEXNO! Thanks for the pep talk!

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