Guest Pep Talk [Eric Joppa]: On Rising Again


Last year was a miserable failure for me. I set out with the best of intentions. I wanted to inspire, be inspired and change my life. Instead, I changed nothing, inspired no one, and was jealous of all you who made good change. I was true to our little group’s name and gave no excuse. I just wallowed in my guilty filth.

Then, I came face to face with my need for change and could no longer put it off.

I have lost 55 lbs. so far and have just finished my master’s degree.

So why am I writing? Easy: I need to.

I have lost 55 lbs. since June. Not bad, but I began my journey at the hefty number of 330 lbs. I know sit at 275 lbs. I have 75 lbs. more to lose, and I have been struggling.

In the last week and a half, I have had life hit me in the diet plan. Traveling, speaking, and some arrogance, has derailed me and I lost nothing this week. I also know that I have been half @$$ing my efforts. This fact came home to roost the other night.

I coach my son’s flag football team. (We are REALLY good, btw. I should be in the youth flag football HOF for coaching) I was talking to a father, who lost 70 lbs and looks great, and another boy’s mother, who is on the same journey I am on and is close to her 50th pound lost. You Go Marcella!

As we were talking, we were planning how we would eat at the end of the year party, discussing how we would avoid the inevitable pizza for dinner. A “cheat” day was suggested when Kenny, the dad who has lost 70 lbs. and looks great, said, “Nope. My cheat day (in maintenance mode) is Sunday. Can’t change it. I’ve lost 70 lbs. and I don’t want it back.”

WOW. Now that is dedication. I want to be like that.

I am now in his journey. I am going to lose 75lbs. more. I am not going to get it back. So here is my plan for November.

I am going to:

Lose 20lbs or more in November. (Or, 30 lbs. between Oct. 23rd and the end of November.)

Be in the Gym 5 days each week, and active on the weekends.

Prepare all of my meals meticulously, down to the last gram of fat.

Post all of my activity as accountability.

I know what you are thinking… “Here he goes again, making all these big Goals…SMH”

The difference is, I know what I have to do, and how to do it. I just need to be more serious than I have been.

I invite you, NoExNos, to join me in lofty, crazy, life-changing goals.  Your goal could be to stay away from caffeine, drink less alcohol (yeah right),  ask that amazing girl to marry you… whatever it might be, let’s do it together. Let’s get moving and make change!

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Eric is a regular guy, a former student, a father, husband and pastor.  He is also a follower of Jesus, but he totally sucks at it.