Inanimate Objects that Have Made Fewer Excuses than Me [Alison Kranz]

Last year I concluded my list of zero fucks-ness with the quip “no one’s stopping you but you.” While this is true, it can be difficult to attain.

So, for some inspiration, I’ve gathered a collection of inanimate objects that have defied stereotypes and false boundaries to go on and accomplish something no one expected they could.

This mailbox learned how to dance.


This fire hydrant grew a beard.


This fence post sharpened itself into a pencil.


This lake grew a spine.


This hose bloomed into a bouquet of flowers.


This tree turned itself upside down.


If they can do it, so can you. Here’s to a productive and successful NoExNo!

Photo cred: Haley Titus

Photo cred: Haley Titus

Alison Kranz is an editor, writer, observer, runner, and abundantly photogenic model. She likes wordplay, flânerie, typing, squares, surrealism, and consistent correspondence. You can follow her on Instagram at @alisondearest or her + some lovely ladies at @bourbonbabes

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