8 Things to Motivate You This NoExNo (and beyond!) [Missy Sparks]

1. Fresh Air


2. Hot men or hot moms (whichever floats your boat)

3. Calendars (Google, duh!)


4. Breakup songs (“Sorry” by Justin Beiber)

5. Change (in scenery or a haircut)

giphy (2).gif

6. Extremes (help you bounce back)


7. Lists, lots of lists


8. Tomorrow, I’ll be accomplished

giphy (1).gif

IMG_4765Missy Sparks is a 20-something, living the green life in the city of trees. Professionally, Ms. Sparks is a [proud] water policy geek. Leisurely, she enjoys creative DIY projects for her house or her blog, The Avian Angle. And personally, Missy enjoys spending quality time with her pug pup, Jake, and her dashingly tall partner, Will. You can find Missy out and about running half marathons, wine tasting or sipping bourbon, and volunteering in her community with the Active 20-30 Club of Greater Sacramento.

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