Submit a Pep Talk

So, you want to write a Pep Talk?

How to write a pep talk

If you haven’t already been approached by me to submit a guest Pep Talk, consider this your formal offer. I like guest Pep Talks for a few reasons: 1) It means I don’t have to write as much, 2) I am acquainted with some very inspiring and talented people, and 3) I love challenging (forcing) people to do things outside of their comfort zone.

You don’t have to be a writer to submit a guest Pep Talk. In fact, your Pep Talk doesn’t even have to come in the form of a blog post. It can be a video, a series of photos, or a cool graphic. A Pep Talk is just a way of encouraging your fellow NoExNos by telling your story, giving tips on how you plan to succeed, or sharing your setbacks and how you overcame/plan to overcome them.

I’m no expert, but here are some tips to think about when writing your Pep Talk:

Keep it short.

Twitter gets it right as far as communicating in as few words as possible. Your Pep Talk may exceed 140 characters, but please keep it between 500-1000 words (or less).

Tell your own story.

You don’t need to preach at us to be motivating. Some of the most motivating Pep Talks have told a personal story of triumph, even if it’s making the decision to go for a walk instead of watching TV.

Be the expert.

Having a lot of us means pooling from many experiences and lessons we’ve all learned over the years. What are you an expert in? What can you speak on? Last year, Alison K. talked about alternative ways she motivates herself. Devora Z. wrote a Pep Talk about self care. What have you learned that keeps you focused and on task? Why not share it with us?

Tell us what you’ve learned.

How have you succeeded at NoExNo? How have you failed? It’s important to be honest about your successes and failures because those stories are the most interesting and inspiring.

Submitting your Pep Talk

After you’ve written your Pep Talk, send it to me with a brief bio (just a few sentences) with any links to your workplace, personal website or social media. Once your Pep Talk is submitted, I will talk to you about any edits that need to be made and you’ll see your own words of inspiration on the No Excuses November blog and Facebook page in a few days!

So, you want to write a guest Pep Talk? Go ahead, challenge yourself!

Submit your Pep Talk to:

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